It's celebrated, not only in the United States, but around the world.

Good Friday. This year it falls on April 19. It's one of the most anticipated Holidays of the year. But...

Is Good Friday a holiday?

Well, of course it is. And of course it isn't.

Neither Good Friday nor Easter (unlike Christmas) is a federal holiday. That means there is mail, most public schools are open and court is in session. Your bank? Well, most banks follow the federal holiday schedule, so it's probably open, but you might want to check ahead just in case.

Some state's do recognize Good Friday as a state holiday, so state offices will be open, have day open, optionally open or maybe closed. Is that clear as mud?

Whew! You can check out this article at Country Living to try and sort out 'what is and what isn't' and then maybe just check the particular institution you need to see if the front door will be unlocked or shut tight.

But one things for sure...have a blessed Good Friday and Easter.


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