The Hawkeye State is home to a seemingly endless list of unique and wholesome small towns, ranging from Decorah in the northeast to Red Oak in the southwest. Every one of these communities, scattered across the Iowa map, has its own unique and special characteristics which make it a truly great place to live.

However, one of these small towns ranks far above the rest when it comes to wealth. In fact, it's been named the wealthiest community in all of Iowa, and for good reason.

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Credit: City of Robins via YouTube
Credit: City of Robins via YouTube

Recently, Yahoo Finance made its list of the richest towns in every state, and coming in at number one for Iowa is the town of Robins.

Robins is a north suburb of Cedar Rapids and has been one of the fastest-growing and economically viable communities in the state for several years now. With a population of around 3,500, the town is small enough to live a quiet life with your family, but also in a prime location, being just miles from Iowa's second-largest city.

Here's what Yahoo Finance had to say about the town of Robins:

Iowa: Robins

Median Income: $120,938

Robins is one of the smaller richest towns; it has only 1,209 households. Although the median income in Robins is below the average for the list, the town ranks as the wealthiest place in Iowa, according to a different GOBankingRates study.

-Yahoo Finance Website

Not only is it the most affluent town in Iowa, but it's also been consistently rated as having some of the lowest property taxes in the entire state.

To learn more about Robins, check out the town's website, here, or the YouTube video below.

Story Source: Yahoo Finance WebsiteCity of Robins, Iowa Website

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