Longtime residents of the Hawkeye State are quite familiar with an abundance of snowfall throughout the winter season. But the difference in the average amount of snow some towns receive as opposed to others is quite staggering.

One, well-known Iowa town rises above the rest in terms of annual snowfall, although the city right next door isn't too far off.

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Bundle up, grab your snow shovel, and don't forget your boots. According to Homesnacks, these are the top 10 snowiest towns in Iowa.

Top 10 Snowiest Towns in Iowa

As you can see, every town in the top 10 is in the northern part of the state, with the twin cities of Clear Lake and Mason City taking the top spots.

To see the full list of the snowiest towns in Iowa, check out the article from Homesnacks.

Story Source: Homesnacks Website

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Gallery Credit: Andy Gott

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