An in-depth examination of Iowa's restaurants has yielded some startling results.

The Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals recently conducted a thorough assessment of restaurants in the state and found hundreds of food safety violations.

During the past month dead rodents, six-week-old hotdogs, and moldy cheese were found in restaurants in every corner of the Hawkeye State.

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Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

 A uniform training program is utilized for all inspectors following national standards. The frequency of inspections varies depending on many factors including the type of food, food preparation, and handling and compliance history of the establishment. In addition, inspections are conducted prior to opening, upon complaint, and as a follow-up to ensure previous violations have been corrected.

-Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals Website

The Iowa Safe Food Inspection Website has a comprehensive list of all of the restaurants that have received violations and citations in the past month, in which you can search by city, county, region, or zip code.

For example, I searched my hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, and found multiple businesses that obtained violations after inspection.

To find restaurants that have received a violation in your hometown, simply click this link on the Iowa Safe Food Inspection Website, then write the city or town you wish to examine in the search bar. Upon hitting enter you will find the results of the town you entered.

Some restaurants were found to only have minor infractions, such as dented cans. However, others were found to have had dead rodents, yellow slime, molded cheese, and even six-week-old hotdogs for sale.

You can find the results of the inspection from the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals here. 

Story Source: Iowa Safe Food Inspection Website

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