What do the sun, corn, and dogs all have in common; well in Hopkins Missouri, they are part of the trifecta used to stop an Iowa felon.

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Guardo Gutierrez had a warrant out for his arrest in Iowa that alleged the was a felon that possessed and also displayed a firearm during an assault. The Nodaway County Sheriff’s Office says Gutierrez was also suspected of being armed while he was in hiding in Hopkins, Missouri.

While conducting an investigation into the Iowa felon, Nodaway County Deputies observed a Blue 2008 Ford explorer pull into a residence and several people from the vehicle went inside. Moments later says the release, the subjects left the house with Gutierrez.

The deputies followed the vehicle and coordinated with other deputies to plan a felony car stop. This included other Deputies being along the possible route using deflation devices in case the driver didn’t pull over.

The Deputies did try to traffic stop the car but when that failed, the pursuit began.

The car did turn off the highway before hitting the tire deflation devices. The car made an abrupt stop and the suspects then attempted to run.

According to a press release from the Nodaway County Deputies, the suspects on the run forgot a few key considerations before making a run for it;

  1. Corn is tall in August, which means it’s difficult to run
  2. It’s been really hot
  3. Deputies showed up with K-9s

Gutierrez was taken into custody and the extradition process began to return him back to Iowa.

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