Black Bears are on the move in the Hawkeye State.

Earlier this week, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources shared some information on some black bears roaming throughout Eastern Iowa.

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Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Multiple sightings of black bears have been reported in Iowa in recent weeks, including in Cedar and Dubuque Counties. Once native to the state, the bear population in Iowa went down to almost zero in the early twentieth century, but thanks to neighboring states, black bears are beginning to become frequent guests of the Hawkeye State.

Here is what the Iowa DNR had to say about black bear movement throughout the Hawkeye State:

1. We have a few black bears in eastern Iowa right now - we're aware of at least four and another one or two are likely in the area, too. Black bears are native to Iowa and occasionally visit from neighboring states.
2. Give the bears space! While we understand wanting to get a glimpse of these visitors, for the safety of both the bears and people, please do not go looking for the bears. Cars building up along roads and crowds gathering can create traffic, health and other safety issues, as well as affecting the movement and safety of the bears.
3. Be Bear Wise and avoid attracting bears to your yard:
Put food items away, including pet food
Store grills and smokers inside, or cover them and remove drip pans
Keep garbage and recycling cans inside, or get bear-resistant cans
Avoid feeding birds when bears are active in your area
Pick up fallen fruit from trees
-Iowa DNR Facebook Page

Story Sources: Iowa Department of Natural Resources Website, Iowa DNR Facebook Page

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