A new invasive species has made its way to Iowa and the results could be disastrous for the state's ecosystem.

Not only are these 'jumping worms' invasive, but they're also downright scary.

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Jumping worms originally came to the U.S. from Asia in the late 18th century and have slowly been making their way around the country ever since. In fact, they're now in 37 states. Unfortunately for the Hawkeye State, it's now been added to that ever-growing list.

This week it was reported that Asian Jumping Worms have been confirmed in 12 Iowa counties. It's the first confirmation of the invasive pest in Iowa so far.

What's so bad about jumping worms anyway?

Basically, everything. Not only do these worms destroy their local environment, displace native worms when they take over, and even mess up the soil, but they're also terrible to use as bait while fishing.

Plus, they're just strange. They flop all over the place and can even shed part of their bodies if you pick them up.

Experts believe the pests got into Iowa through the transportation of mulch and gardening supplies.

To learn more about why jumping worms are basically the worst, check out the video from Inside Edition in the link below.

Story Source: Wisconsin DNR

Story Source: KWWL

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