Friday September 29 at 7:00 PM is the day we find out what food Taylor Hicks thinks best represents South Dakota.

Yes, THAT Taylor Hicks - the winner of season five of "American Idol."

Besides touring and working on new music, Hicks also hosts a show called 'State Plate' (entering its second season) which airs on the INSP Television Network.

Locally, INSP can be found on Midco cable channel 98, Dish Network channel 259, DirectTV channel 364, Verizon channel 286 and AT&T channel 564.

His job is to travel the country in search of food(s) that best represent each state. For example he dines on crab cakes in Maryland, chili in Texas and potatoes in Idaho.

While in South Dakota Hicks visited the towns of Ward, Wentworth, Scotland and Rapid City. He also made a stop at Crazy Horse National Monument.

What food he decided best represents South Dakota? - don't know. Personally, I'm hoping it's chislic. I guess we'll find out on September 29.

In case you're wondering about any of the surrounding states, Iowa and Minnesota will also be featured this season, along with South Dakota. Nothing yet on Nebraska.

Source: INSP

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