I have lived in South Dakota for a little over a year, and I still have to make a trip to Rapid City!  If the weather cooperates, this will change in November when my dad comes to visit!  With the help of Visit Rapid City website which names the Top 10 Area Attractions, there are definitely some tourist hotspots on my bucket list.

Personally, number one on my list is visiting Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  I love history and visiting historical sites.  Mount Rushmore is a national staple, so it's only fitting to see this masterpiece.

Bear Country USA is one other attraction in Rapid City that I would love to visit.  According to Visit Rapid City, this site is "a leisurely three-mile drive through this spectacular wildlife park nestled on 200 acres of Black Hills beauty where you'll see black bears and over 20 other species of North American animals like buffalo, wolves, and elk all from the comfort of your vehicle."  I love seeing animals in their natural habitat.  I am always up for an adventure.

My dad has always wanted to take me to Custer State Park, another treasure located in the area.  This park has 71,000-acres of wildlife ranging from bison, bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, and more. Visit Rapid City adds that Custer State Park also showcases "a wide variety of historic sites including French Creek, made famous when gold was discovered in the Black Hills, and President Calvin Coolidge’s Summer White House, the historic State Game Lodge."

Be sure to investigate Visit Rapid City to learn about other popular attractions in Rapid City!  I can't wait for my trip to the west next month!

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