With all the battles going on between The White House and Congress, the ongoing investigations, and the mixed messages from one major news media to the next, I think it's safe to say that most of us are a little confused.
One thing that is a fact though, is we need to keep our farming community alive. It's the backbone of this nation. We are not starving here, we never have been. Why? Because we have all the food!

That food exists because of our farmers. Let's all agree on the fact that our U.S. farmers feed the world.

The issue that I'm focused on right now, isn't about building a wall or what various investigations have uncovered. My concern is our trade with China.

China is the number one consumer of soybeans and the U.S. is the number one exporter of soybeans. So do the math and tell me this isn't a priority. When you are in any kind of business, you don't turn your back on your biggest customer. And we happen to be in the soybean business.

And keep an eye on your competition. For us, that's South American countries. Brazil is the number two shipper of soybeans.

China’s soybean imports for the month of January were down 13%. At the same time, Argentina’s soybean crop was forecast above recent expectations. These are signals that shouldn't be overlooked.

My concerns are not just for the farmer alone, they are for everyone living here. The money the farmer makes on his soybeans will get spent all over town and it will eventually end up in your hands.

I'm very much hoping for trade talks with China to be successful.

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