It's that time of year when driveways and parking lots all over South Dakota will be filled with cars, trucks, and SUVs defrosting the snow and ice away.

In the Midwest, this is almost a necessity if you're parked outdoors for an extended period of time during the colder months of the year. But is it legal to do in South Dakota?

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Is It Illegal To Warm Up Your Car In South Dakota?

Good Housekeeping looked at all 50 U.S. States to determine which had "No Idling" laws in place, and the results are a bit surprising.

Thirty states along with Washington D.C. currently have laws in place regarding how long your car is allowed to idle. South Dakota does NOT have a law against it.

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While it may not be necessarily surprising to see South Dakota off this list, what is surprising is which states are on it.

Minnesota and Illinois have idling laws in place, but also southern states like Texas have limits on how long you can leave your car running in place.

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Some states are more strict than others. For example, in Illinois, you can leave your car running for up to 20 minutes before you're technically breaking the law.

While in the District of Colombia, you're only allowed to leave your vehicle idling for up to 3 minutes. Anything more than that and you may be cited.

Story Source: Good Housekeeping

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