Danieal Cormier, 20, has a dream to contribute to the men's underwear industry with an invention he hopes will become popular. Boxers with pockets to carry such devices such as cell phones.

"I got the idea one day lounging around the house in my boxers."

I can relate, dude.

"I had my cellphone and I kept doing the hand motion to put my cellphone in my pocket, but my underwear didn’t have any pocket. And that's when it hit me...why don’t underwear come with pockets?",  he said in an interview with CBC News.

He searched the internet and couldn't find anything about pockets in underwear so he dashed out to buy a sewing machine and begin fulfilling his dream one stitch at a time.

After much trial and error, the product is now readily available for on $15.95 and free shipping for orders of $50 or more.

Order your next pair of underpants here, and never wonder where that cell phone is again. Warning, unplug from charger before leaving sofa.


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