I may of come up with the next revolutionary moment in baseball and it actually makes a lot of sense.

We already have the "shift" currently making an appearance throughout any MLB game you watch and now I have come up with another way to aid MLB teams.

The idea that I have come up with is a combination of common sense, analytics and forward thinking.

You have always been told to "run it out" when you hit a grounder in the infield, but what if that wasn't correct.

What if you hit a grounder to a infielder and you just started walking back to the dugout?

Is the number of times you get on base because of a error or because you beat out the throw actually worth the risk of a injury or even the long term wear and tear?

These questions I think are truly valid amid today's world of analytics and creative strategy.

If we are willing to do everything possible to study the numbers and how those numbers affect the health of the athletes and the longevity of their careers, then I think this strategy should be examined as well.

Think about how much you could potentially be extending a players career by saving their legs from long term wear and tear before you start laughing about the idea.

Your must remember, there was a day and age where the "shift" was laughed at and now it's a major part of the game.


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