As time was running out fast for the deadline to tear down Badlands Motor Speedway, a sudden change of events in the final hours on Friday (12/28) took place.

The speedway's former owner, Steve Rubin came forward to save the famous race track from destruction. Current owner Chuck Brennan purchased the track from Rubin in 2015 changing the name from Huset's to Badlands.

Brennan completely renovated the facility pouring in millions of dollars. Then after a short period of holding racing events, he closed the track down.

The next step was to seek out a new owner. After no success even with an auction, Brennan set a deadline of December 31 to either have a buyer or tear the place down.

With only a couple days to go, Rubin has officially secured an extension time wise to put the funds together to purchase the track and save it from destruction.

Brennan has agreed to give Rubin 30 to 60 days to raise several million dollars. Rubin is seeking investors quoting, "We have a long way to go and a short time to get there."

Rubin and his family is well known in racing and has a long reputation for success in the business. He has operated multiple speedways including Huset's itself for nearly 30 years. His father was one of the original investors in the speedway in the 1950's.

Rubin says he would open on Memorial Day. He adds that he will change the name of the track back to Huset's Speedway and go back to racing on Sunday nights.


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