Open up a hunter's closet and you'll find orange. And I mean blaze orange.

Drive the highways and byways, the gravel roads and the dirt paths and look out there, off in the distance...blaze orange walking corn row after corn row, through the sloughs and pastures.

It's a good thing. Hunters need to see hunters and it's hard to miss that blaze orange.

Well, how about switching out those blaze orange vests, shirts and jackets for...fluorescent pink?

While we walk the fields here in South Dakota in our traditional orange, our neighbors to the west in Wyoming are talking about that very thing, boxing up the blaze orange and breaking out the fluorescent pink.

According to the Associated Press, a bill in the state legislature would let the big game hunters in the Cowboy state wear the pink. The sponsor of the bill says it's superior in visibility compared to the orange. In other words, it would help keep hunters safe, even safer than those familiar blaze orange clothes.

No word yet on what the chances are the bill will pass, or if hunters would flock to the bright pink as opposed to the traditional bright orange.

So hunters, what do you think?

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