Want to win free tickets for Jason Aldean's show in Sioux Falls next week? Here's how you can get floor seats.

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Jason Aldean Launches Three-Night "JASON ALDEAN: RIDE ALL NIGHT VEGAS"
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Jason Aldean will be at the Denny Sanford Premier Center Friday, August 18 and KXRB has your tickets! The first way you can win is by heading to our Facebook Page and posting a picture of yourself with your favorite tractor.

JD Collins
JD Collins

It can be ANY Tractor! A big green tractor, a riding lawnmower tractor, a toy tractor, whatever you want! Just make sure to post your picture to our pinned Facebook post by the end of the day Thursday.

On Friday, the entire KXRB staff will vote for our favorites and announce a winner on our Facebook page at 10 am.

Andy & Christine in the Morning will also have upper concourse tickets available until next Wednesday, as we will be giving away a pair each morning during Pop Culture Pop Quiz at 7:45 am.

For a full list of contest rules, check out our Contest Page, here. 

Story Source: KXRB Contest Page, Denny Sanford Premier Center Website

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