I'm sure that, for some people, the whole, isolating/working at-home experience, qualified as a sort of staycation. For others, it continues to be a stressful, claustrophobic, economically painful situation.

For me, a staycation a string of days, either short or long in number, that I don't wake up at 4 AM and get to spend time in my home and city, in as peaceful an environment as possible. Working from home, if you're doing it right, is work. So, thus far, I haven't had a staycation.

But how would Sioux Falls rank as a place to take a staycation? Pretty well, if the latest WalletHub study is to be believed. Out of 182 cities, Sioux Falls came in 39th.

To come to this conclusion, those WalletHub number-crunching scientists, created two basic categories to use when scoring cities: 1) Recreation and 2) Rest & Relaxation.

Within these broad categories, they considered a laundry list of items that could conceivably take a basic staycation and turn it into "stay-vana"!

For example:

  • Number of homes with swimming pools
  • Number of Hiking, Biking, Walking and Running Trails
  • Parks per capita
  • Average prices for pizza, burgers, wine, and beer
  • And for the sake of the Coronavirus situation- -the strictness of "shelter-in-place" orders

In the end, the city which garnered the top spot was Plano, Texas, a city close in size to Sioux Falls and about 18 miles from Dallas. Plano is also one of the wealthiest cities in the country.

The city on the bottom of the staycation heap? Pearl City, Hawaii, the city which sits on Pearl Harbor. Other than the memorials there, which are the top draw, there is apparently little to interest "staycationers" and unfortunately, it has a fairly high crime rate.

To see the complete study, go to WalletHub.

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