I remember being a kid growing up, wondering what coffee tasted like. I knew whatever it was, it was important stuff.

I based that on the fact that my dad couldn't have dinner without it. And he had to take a thermos of coffee to work with him. And he threatened to quit a job one time because they were messing with his coffee breaks.

So for many reasons, I firmly believed coffee must be some good stuff! My dad never let me taste it as a kid, he said it would stunt my growth.

So I waited until I was about 14-years old to have my first cup. It didn't taste like I thought it would. It took a lot of sugar and cream to get thru the first cup.

But, before long, I acquired a taste for it like everyone else and developed the obscure habit of needing my coffee.

That leads us to the question now of how much coffee is too much? A new study has just determined that drinking six or more cups in a day increases a person’s risk of developing heart disease by up to 22 percent. That’s because too much caffeine can cause high blood pressure, a precursor to heart disease.

So I'm sticking to a cup in the morning and maybe a cup in the afternoon.

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