The City of Sioux Falls says that residents have 48 hours from the end of a weather event to remove snow and ice from sidewalks.

Failure to clear sidewalks will result in citations and other costs to the property owner.

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“Ice and snow-covered sidewalks can be hazardous,” said Matt Tobias, Development Services Manager for the City. “Pedestrians rely on property owners to provide safe sidewalks during the winter months...the City asks the public to ensure your sidewalk is clear of snow and ice and is safe for pedestrians.”

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" target="_blank">ordinance states that property owners have 48 hours from the end of a weather event to remove snow and ice from sidewalks, regardless of the amount of snow or ice.

The ordinance requirement is not dependent on snow depth or the amount of snow coverage. All snow and ice needs to be removed from sidewalks within 48 hours.

Property owners also are encouraged not to forget about sidewalk curb ramps on corner lots and other curb cutouts. Residents are responsible for providing access from the street onto the sidewalk.

<p> If the owner or person in possession of property fails to remove the snow or ice from the sidewalks within the time specified, the city may have the snow or ice removed and charge the cost thereof against the abutting property each time the snow or ice is removed. Sioux Falls Ordance § 96.103 </p><p> </p>

The elderly, disabled, and school children especially need sidewalks cleared for safe passage during the winter months. For more information about snow removal, contact Sioux Falls Property Maintenance at 605-978-6900.

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The City of Sioux Falls sidewalk snow and ice removal ordinances:

Sioux Falls Code of Ordinances of Sioux Falls, SD § 96.100 DUTY TO REMOVE SNOW.

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