The other day I was watching the Minnesota Vikings game on TV and a commercial came on that talked about the state of South Dakota having over $600 million in money for its citizens.

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Apparently, the state of South Dakota has over $600 million of unclaimed cash and funds just waiting for you to claim.

So how do you find out if South Dakota owes you money and has money for you to claim?

All you have to do is go to this website, type in your name or business and it will let you know if there is money under your name that is needed to be claimed.

Not only can you check on your name, but you can also check for your family too and see if others are owed money as well.

It can vary from all different kinds of places, from internet services to taxes to other services owed from current or previous properties.

Once claimed, the state will send you a check with the funds owed.

Hopefully, you will search your name and find a whole bunch of coin coming your way.


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