Remember when Marty McFly hopped on a pink Hoverboard to get away from a bunch of punks in 'Back to the Future 2'? Next to those coming-soon power shoelaces, that hoverboard is one of Doc Brown's most coveted inventions.

And for a while there, it looked like we might actually have a hoverboard in our presence. The Internet was buzzing yesterday with the news that a group of MIT Physics grad students turned their class hoverboard project into an actual item.

But it was all a cruel, cruel hoax thought up by Funny or Die.

Still, the campaign for the futurist project is pretty cool. It starts with Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd, driving a DeLorean to deliver the hoverboard to none other than world-class skateboarder Tony Hawk. Not only did he try it out, but so did a whole bunch of other celebrities -- including Moby, Terrell Owen, Schoolboy Q, Agness Bruckner and Best Coast's Bethany Consentino, who's lounging on a hoverboard and playing her electric guitar.

Legit or not, we love the above video and hope some enterprising young Doc Brown starts working on one of these things for real sometime in the near future.

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