It's really easy to find great, local establishments in Sioux Falls or around the Sioux Empire.  Every so often, I like to take a little trip to Hartford with some friends.  My friend, Sarah recently introduced our group to this pretty neat spot called The Goat Bar & Grill.  If you're looking for a terrific "Game Day" gathering place, then I would definitely make a trip to Hartford.

The Goat Bar & Grill is located right off of West SD-HWY 38 in Hartford next to Sunshine Foods.  This is a locally owned sports bar that really provides great food and awesome entertainment.  According to its Facebook page, The Goat Bar & Grill "features a fun environment along with TVs tuned in to multiple sporting events, an outdoor patio, summer sand volleyball leagues, and much more."  You already had me at the food, but summer sand volleyball is just the icing on the cake for me!

Exploring the Sioux Empire is one of my favorite activities to do with my friends, especially when there's food involved.  We were all pretty hungry when we stopped by The Goat Bar & Grill.  But after eating here, I promise you will not leave hungry.  Pretty much our entire table ordered one of its amazing appetizers: cheeseballs, super nachos, potato skins, and frickles (AKA fried pickles).  In addition to all of this food, I ordered the chicken bacon ranch tasty!  I didn't think any of us had room for our actual meal, and the waitress agreed.  But I was pleasantly surprised! I had absolutely no trouble finishing off my chicken bacon ranch wrap!

You definitely cannot go wrong with this menu.  I can guarantee my friends and I will be visiting The Goat Bar & Grill very soon!

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