Even though summer is hanging on in the Sioux Empire, fall is almost here.  That means it's time to break out the fall clothes and possibly invest in a new fall wardrobe!  Primp Boutique in downtown Sioux Falls has you covered for all of your fall fashion needs.

Primp Boutique is located right down Phillips Avenue, so it's a great place to check out when you're walking around the downtown area.  Primp Boutique chose Sioux Falls for its first South Dakota location. The boutique has four other stores located in Minnesota.

This boutique is all about cute and affordable clothes which I totally love!  The Primp Boutique owner, Wesley Uthus, explains on its website that style does not have to be expensive!  Uthus states, "I believe that shopping is meant to not only make you look good but ultimately make you feel like a million bucks!  It’s my mission to bring on-trend, affordable style, and an upscale in-store experience to shoppers in the Twin Cities and beyond."  I'm all for this!

I always love spending an afternoon in downtown Sioux Falls with one of my best friends, Miranda.  We literally spend an entire day shopping at all the stores and eating at local restaurants.  I was in need of a few new outfits, so I knew Primp Boutique was the perfect place to help me accomplish this task. This was the first time I had the pleasure of stepping inside this particular establishment, therefore I was really excited.

There were so many cute outfits and accessories to explore.  Primp Boutique had this army green romper that caught my attention, and I was sold once I tried it on.  Plus, the staff at Primp Boutique was extremely attentive and kind!

I highly recommend choosing your new fall wardrobe at Primp Boutique.  You'll just love it!

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