There are so many great markets and restaurants in Sioux Falls.  But the Look's Marketplace gives you a great place to eat and shop all in one!

This one-stop-shop is located right off East 69th Street.  Look's Marketplace is generally known for its high-quality meat products.  According to its website, the marketplace is one of the oldest businesses in Sioux Falls.  The shopping emporium has expanded over the years and is now known for more than their meats.  Look's includes "a wide variety of culinary and social experiences, from ice cream, baked goods, and microbrewed beer to premium groceries, charcuterie, and a full-service live-fire restaurant."  There is something delicious for everyone to enjoy!

The Look's Marketplace actually reminded me of the French Market in Downtown Chicago, but with a more intimate feel.  Like the French Market, you can tackle your grocery shopping list while enjoying a light lunch.  I was feeling a little "cheesy" when I went to Look's Marketplace and ordered their Mac and Cheese.  I am a huge lover of mac and cheese.  I would recommend this lunch to anyone!  The portion size was just right.   You didn't feel super full or craving more after the cheesy meal.

If you haven't already, check out the Look's Marketplace!  It's truly one of the coolest markets I've been in and it's right in town!

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