I'm not sure why I call John Prine's 'Paradise' a Hidden gem.

After all, the song has been recorded by, are you ready? John Denver, Tom T. Hall, the Everly Brothers, Lynn Anderson, Roy Acuff, Jimmy Buffet, Dwight Yoakam, Jim & Jessie, John Fogerty and....well, you get the idea.

The song isn't exactly hidden away in the dust bin of memories somewhere. And yet, so many people aren't familiar with this great classic.

The song was never a smash hit single. It didn't stay at the top of any music chart for months. And yet it still lives today and is still being recorded and performed by artists around the country.

A mark of a great song.

I first started loving the songwriters back in the 1970's and that's when I discovered the songwriting genius of John Prine. 'Paradise' was a cut from his 1971 self title debut album. It was a few years later that I first heard it and it's one of those songs that stays in your head...and your heart.

If you recall 'Paradise', listen to it again below and relive that great song. If you've never heard it, well, hop into a time machine and take a little trip down to Western Kentucky.

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