Remember Wilbur The Coyote? If you're from the Sioux Falls area and grew up in the 80s or 90s, it's hard to forget such an iconic local mascot.

Of course, Wilbur was one of the many characters found at Gigglebees Family Fun Center, which was a staple of Sioux Falls for over 22 years.

For anyone who's from the area, this vintage commercial of the one-time Sioux Falls landmark will surely take you back to your childhood.

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For those who remember, Gigglebees Family Fun Center wasn't just a pizza place, it was heaven on earth for any kid who grew up in the area. Video Games, Laser Tag, Skeeball, and of course, who could forget the bumper cars? At over 13,000 square feet, Gigglebees had something for every kind of kid.

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Sadly, with the addition of more established national brands like Chuck E' Cheese coming to town in 2001, the writing was on the wall, and Gigglebees, along with Wilbur The Coyote vanished from the Sioux Empire by 2008.

But, while it may be true that Gigglebees is a place we can only visit in our memories these days, Wilbur still pops up every now and again. Most recently at the SiouxperCon in Sioux Falls.

There are some persistent rumors out there that Gigglebees will someday be making a comeback in Sioux Falls, but most of them seem to be unsubstantiated. But, thanks to YouTube, we can still enjoy what once was.

Check out the full YouTube video below to experience that nostalgia from your childhood. You may even spot a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle or two...

Story Source: Warwolf2008 via YouTube


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