When the 'Greatest Generation' came back from the war, they celebrated by making a lot of us. I mean, a whole big bunch of us.

The Baby Boomer generation.

Well, it kind of snuck up on us, this aging thing. Yesterday we were young and setting the world on fire. Now we're a wee bit older, but the fire is still there, perhaps not burning quite as hot. But there are benefits to being one of those folks walking around with some experience on our skin.

I was checking out the I Love Retirement website, just kind of snooping, ya know...and I found out that there's some pretty cool discounts available for us. And I don't mean only the 'retired' folks. I mean if you're, say, 55 and over.

From clothes shopping to groceries, mortgages  to life insurance to hotels, there's some bucks to be saved. Cruises to airlines. Oh, and auto service discounts, too. Even theater visits and fast food.

Not all of them may be available where you live, but hey...check out discounts for 2019 here and see what works.

Ahhh...I knew being skinny, bald and older would pay off.

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