I go to Hy-Vee every week. Sometimes twice a week.  OK, I may drop in pert near every day. After all, almost anywhere you live, there's one near by!

Maybe just pick up milk, might stop and get some hamburger or steaks or pork chops for supper (Yes, I'm an old farm boy, that evening meal is supper). Swing on by the Deli, or have a meal in the Market Grille Restaurant. Fill out a prescription and make sure I have the friendly folks scan my fuel saver card, too!

Yep, i've done that dozens (Hundreds? Thousands?) of times. Stopped into Hy-Vee.


Hmm. Why is my friendly Hy-Vee called... Hy-Vee??

Well, turns out that came about a few more years than a few years ago. Let's make a time-travel stop into 1930. That was the year a couple fella's opened up a small general store in Beaconsfield, Iowa. And, probably unbeknownst to those two gent's, they had just planted the seed that would become Hy-Vee, over 240 stores strong with more than 85,000 employees. Quite a success story.

But wait, still the question...why Hy-Vee?

Well, the two Gentlemen were Charles Hyde and David Vredenburg.

And what's really cool is, while Hy-Vee is one of the Top 25 Supermarket  chains in the entire United States, when you (or me) walk into our neighborhood Hy-Vee, we'll be greeted with a smile like we're an old friend. Because if we aren't now, we will be real soon.

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