Why Are Dryer Sheets Showing Up in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin Mailboxes?

Surprises are showing up in mailboxes all over Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin and sadly, it is NOT a care package with amazingly, delicious homemade cookies.  Even a Crumbl Cookie would make my day.  Sadly, food is NOT showing up but rumors are flying around that mailboxes throughout the country have dryer sheets inside.  If a dryer sheet magically appeared in your mailbox, leave it, there is a really good reason why it is there.


According to the New York Post, a postal worker that has been stung multiple times from yellowjackets uses the dryer sheet tactic to help keep the pests away.  For mailboxes that have "issues", he just puts a dryer sheet in the back of the mailbox and that helps the "satanic creatures", as he called them, from creating a little home in the space.

Thankfully, the yellowjacket season should be done soon since snow is on the way.  But this will all repeat again next year, so keep a dryer sheet handy for your mailbox.

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How many bills do you get in the mailbox every day?

Not exactly sure why I even open my mailbox up because every day it is just bills.  Ok, right now, it is a lot of large, glossy political fliers too that I don't even bring in the house - they just go straight in the trash can outside.

How many bills do you get in your mailbox each day?  Let me know!  Send me a note to my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio - or Instagram here.  And if you'd love a way to help pay off those bills, there is a pretty amazing way to win cash!  Check out the "Win Stuff" tab on our app to learn more.

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