In these crazy times it's nice to try and find a proverbial silver lining here and there. Something that makes you go 'Well, I like that!'

Filling up the gas tank. That usually doesn't make me smile, but when I filled up the 'ol Malibu over the weekend, it didn't hurt as bad as it has in the past. In fact, it felt pretty darn good.

The place I filled up at was about $1.59 for the 10% blend I use. And I've read there are places in the United States where a gallon has gone under a dollar. Seems like I remember a day some years back when we were over $4 and thought we might be headin' tp $5 or better (or worse, depending on how you look at it).

Anyway, I'm old enough to remember when gas around these parts was under a buck and thought to myself...'Ah, the good 'ol days'.

But of course, everything's relative. Sure, gas was cheaper back then and looks rally cheap when you go back, back, back to, say, when Grandpa or Great Grandpa pulled up to the pump.

But according to the website TitleMax that I ran across, it's all about perspective.

Well, whatever the case may be, I'm going to enjoy the lower prices at the pump while I can.

Even though there's not much driving going on during our current situation

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