You may have noticed a large flock of wild turkeys roaming the neighborhoods of Sioux Falls the past few weeks. The birds, largely spend most of their time near a few wooded areas within the city.

With a little over 6 months to go before Thanksgiving, these turkeys clearly have no fear, trotting around city parks and gobbling at passers-by.

Which areas of the city are these birds calling home these days? Well, it seems they have a few favorite spots around town.

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The turkeys have been seen spending a lot of time in and around 57th and Minnesota, near the wooded area. They've also been spotted numerous times around the Spencer Boulevard area and along Oxbow Avenue, near the Oxbow Park Apartments.

Take a look at this video one of our employees, Scott Zahn shot, as he had some gobbling fun with several turkeys.

If you happen to come across this flock of turkeys, don't be alarmed, as the birds are not typically overly aggressive, unless provoked.

That being said, if a turkey does turn aggressive, experts say to shoot it with a hose, or swat at it with a broom to shoo it away. It's also advised to not feed a group of turkeys, as this can also lead to hostile behavior.

The best advice? If you come across a flock of turkeys, give them a quick "gobble gobble" and move along. Selfies are not advised!

Sioux Falls police have made no arrests of the turkeys, as no "fowl" play is suspected.


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