Your Super Bowl party favors may include countless kinds of dips, chips, soups, wienies, wings, beers and cocktails. And the one thing you can say, "I'll pass," to is your car keys.

AAA South Dakota is urging all football fans to call the right play this weekend by passing the keys to a sober driver before the big game and the drinking begins.

Want to be that person who gets your friends home? Step up and play the part of the party designated driver.

Also, the South Dakota Department of Public Safety officials have scheduled 22 sobriety checkpoints in 18 counties during February.

According to Public Information Officer Tony Mangan, the February checkpoints are scheduled in the counties of: Brookings, Brown, Butte, Charles Mix, Clay, Codington, Davison, Fall River, Hughes, Lawrence, Lincoln, Minnehaha, Moody, Pennington, Roberts, Stanley, Walworth, and Yankton.

We don't need to read about you in the headlines on Monday that you were involved in an accident after drinking and driving. So be smart. When you walk into your party be the smart one in the room. Hand over your keys and let someone who won't be drinking drive all of you home safe.

Go Chiefs!

Source: AAA South Dakota & South Dakota Department of Public Safety

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