The subject is highway safety as a local commercial with the South Dakota Highway patrol hits televisions during the Superbowl with a ghoulish reminder. Grim Jim Reaper has already roamed the halls of the Capital Building in Pierre to launch the campaign.

“The commercials are humorous, but they also have a serious tone,” says Highway Safety Director Lee Axdahl. “We always say that death rides with you on the road. We want people to understand that being a safe driver at all times is important.”

The campaign almost reminds me of Mayhem, the insurance company character that's always creating damage.  Grim Jim Reaper creates all sorts of deadly events behind the wheel, such as drinking, texting and other unsafe motorist practices.

“We may all have been tempted to cut a corner or two as a driver sometime in our lives,” Axdahl says. “But these commercials are designed to make you stop and think. It only takes one bad decision that results in a permanent loss of a loved one or serious injury to you or others.”

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