On Saturday South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem posted a picture of herself on Facebook with a big Walleye. The post said: “Fun day fishing on the River! Put down the Xbox and pick up the tackle box! It’s beautiful outside. (And pray for rain too)”

The post got a lot of feedback. Some of the responses included...

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Marilyn Irene Keller Rittmeyer: “How many politicians pose for a photo like this? Only a politician who does not elevate himself or herself above the People, but is beside the People, working alongside them, with them and for them.”

Alan Ray Williams: “Where you playing some Reba songs when ya hooked that lunker????”

Pastor Lynn Trollope: “Nice Walleye. You deserve some me time for all the work you do for us and America. Have a blessed day and your family are always in my prayers.”

Chris Bailey: “Thanks for suing your constituents in court for a legal election using taxpayer dollars to subvert taxpayer's will and applying your own will. That just screams America doesn't it!”

Jerry Crevier: “Nice fish Governor, thanks for sharing what our beautiful river and resources look like.”

Brad Shevlin: “If that politics thing doesn't work out ya can always start a fishing show. Tony Dean is rolling in his grave.”

Matthew McGlynn: “I was going to fish on my private boat today but I didn’t get the $350,000 in government welfare your brothers did.”

Mike Pic: “Nice Walleye! I plan on making a trip out to the Dakotas to go for some eyes in the near future.”

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