My Dad and Mom both loved country gospel, gospel and hymns. I can remember at our little church in Leota, Minnesota my Mom singing along and my Dad? Well, Dad didn't sing along much, but he loved the songs.

I guess the two song's I remember Dad loving was Ferlin Husky and 'Wings Of A Dove'. Perhaps not a traditional country gospel tune, but the message was clear and Dad loved it. He also loved 'Great Speckled Bird', the Roy Acuff classic.

Mom pretty much loved them all. I think she was more of a hymn fan, because I can remember her holding that hymnbook and singing every word, every verse.

But one guy I know they both loved was the legendary Tennessee Ernie Ford.

We had an album or two of Ernie's, sitting there on top of the console stereo my parent's got when Grandma Veld passed away. My brother and I had our Beatles and Johnny Rivers, and they had their Tennessee Ernie Ford's.

You don't hear Ernie that much on the radio anymore. But what do you say? Let's listen in to 'How Great Thou Art', crank it up loud and see if 'ol Ernie can send it up to Mom and Dad.