He's been Country Music's biggest star for nearly 4 decades. He's had 60 number one hit's...that's right, 60! This is a guy that never misses.

This is George Strait.

So it may be kind of hard to believe that George was once a young unknown artist trying to find his way around in the world of Country Music. It may seem odd that there was a day when the name George Strait meant, well, nothing. Just another name, another new fella trying to fight his way onto the country music stage.

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Many George Strait fans, of course, know that George first cracked the Top Ten singles chart in 1981 with 'Unwound'. Most probably know that George topped the chart for the very first time with 1982's 'Fool Hearted Memory'. And from that time until today, George has amassed arguably the greatest country music career in history.

But there was a time before 'Unwound'.

I would guess that die-hard Strait fans know this, but let's you and I go back to 1976. To the world at large he was 'George Who?'. It was in June of that year that George recorded the self-penned 'I Just Can't Go On Dying Like This' in Houston, Texas, and perhaps because music director's at the time didn't take the time to listen to it, it went....thud.


George re-released the song on his Strait Out Of The Box box set in 1995. And thankfully he did!

While the 'powers that be' didn't recognize it at the time, you can certainly hear that familiar Strait sound in the record.

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