Gene Watson has been around the block a time or two in country music; he's seen his fair share of sonic changes in the genre, too. In this exclusive video for The Boot, the singer reveals that there's one artist he's had his eye on for quite some time -- and, after the 2015 CMA Awards and the 2016 Grammy Awards, the rest of the world does as well.

The artist, of course, is Chris Stapleton.

"I'm thrilled to know that the traditional side of [country music] is trying to make its way back. And there are some people trying to create it out of today's music," Watson says. "I would like to see some of the artists I think are great artists, like Joe Nichols, Billy Currington, Chris Stapleton, [do well].

"I've known about Chris Stapleton for quite a while," Watson continues. "He's one of 'em that is what he is; he does what he does, and he's not fabricated in the studio. I would love to see a whole lot more of that come out."

The artist adds that he believes that many of today's acts use too many extra effects to detract from their God-given gifts.

"You don't have to go in the studio and use the synthesizers and the computers and distort what they're naturally gifted with," Watson reflects. "... Let 'em do it the traditional way."

Real. Country. Music. is Watson's 33rd studio album; the 13-track project is available now at

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