There’s a song by Daryle Singletary that speaks of the rowdy side of folks by declaring, “I ain’t ever had too much fun.” Someone used their vehicle probably beyond its original specs.

Photos provide the proof that someone got a little sideways shortly after a recent rain. One big tire track squished the mud a little lower in the boulevard.

Was it a mistake? It’s hard to know for sure. This is just the end result.

If unintentional, the driver was a little off in their depth perception to say the least. By not stopping right away and slogging through, the business owner will have to either reapply some dirt to undo the damage.

If it was mischief, someone went to a whole lot of trouble to prepare that area for some grass to grow next to the street somewhere in western Sioux Falls. It was loused up in about four seconds by a renegade radial tire. Hope there was a “yee-haw” at the end of the mud road detour.

Short of a soil test, tire print search or security footage to prove it, chalk it up to outlaw fever that hopefully gets cured.

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