Carson Wentz won big at the college level and if it wasn't for a injury, he probably would have been the starting QB for a Super Bowl winning team as well.

Even though he wasn't the starter for that Super Bowl win, he was a MVP candidate that season and has shown when healthy that he can be one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Now, the Philadelphia Eagles have rewarded him with a contract extension worth over $128 million.

This extension is similar in terms to that of what Russell Wilson got from the Seahawks earlier this spring but Wentz deal does include more guaranteed money.

The question now becomes, will Wentz live up to the deal?

I think if healthy, he will be able to as long as the Eagles continue to put the right pieces along him.

Health is such a big part of the equation when it comes to anyone in pro sports living up to their deal, but in the case of Wentz it may be the reason he does or doesn't live up to the contract.

His numbers have been great as a starter so far and for Eagles fans, they hope this deal turns out to be a home run for all involved.


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