Remember Cabbage Patch Kids? Man oh man, when my kids were young 'uns back in the 1980s, they were all the rage! I mean, both of them had to have a Cabbage Patch Kid, and no...don't try to get a cheap 'knock-off' Dad, they better be the real thing!

And of course, they were so hot, they were sold out everywhere. Now, this was before the Internet and 'on-line' buying. You had to hunt and hunt and hunt and maybe...just maybe...find one (or two).

Every year it seems like there's the one toy, the one item, that every kid just has to have. While these days it's the latest greatest video game (or game system if you have that kind of bucks), the 'craze of the season' is nothing new.

One of my favorite sites, dustyoldthing, has a year-by-year look at the hottest toy of the year for the last...well, decades. So I meandered around and found the one for the year I was born.

Uh, not so much, at least for me. Now, if I had a sister (which I don't), I'm sure she would have whined until she got one.

The year before I was born? Oh yeah, I had a cap gun for sure. And the year after I was born? Well, who didn't love Play-Doh!

And of course, those ladies pictured above? Well, the year we were introduced to Barbie it zoomed to the top of the girls 'gotta have one of those' lists. By the way, that was 1959.

From G. I. Joe to Nerf Balls to the Rubiks Cube, there was a year when you (and I) just had to have the hot toy of the year. Take a look for the year you were born...or maybe the year you were 10. Did you have one?

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