Fernson Brewing Company currently has 2 locations: one at 1400 E. Robur Dr. and Fernson on 8th in downtown Sioux Falls. One of them might have to change its name.

The Fernson on 8th, which is located just of 8th Street (get it, Fernson on 8th) is moving to a new location. They will be taking over the Bros Brasserie Americano location at 334 S Phillips Ave. "Ferson on Phillips"?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Bros Brasserie recently closed and that means Fernson's new location will be larger than their current location along the railroad tracks.

Fernson has been open since 2015. They have this to say about themselves on the Fernson website: "For as long as we’ve made beer, we’ve cared about the stories that surround it. There’s that one about your trip to Germany, the one about how IPA’s came to be, or the one your dad always tells that probably isn’t true. Despite the wide open spaces on the Great Plains, we create beer that brings folks closer. Humbly made with people in mind. Proudly brewed in South Dakota."

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