Farmers and legislators celebrated the end of 2018 with the passage of a bipartisan Farm Bill that preserves the farm safety net and provides farmers with the tools they need to manage the unique risks of farming.

As Congress begins the annual appropriations and budget process, America’s agricultural community joined forces to ensure that the crop insurance program receives the full funding that it requires to be successful.

Sixty organizations, ranging from farm groups to conservation organizations and lenders, sent a letter to the House and Senate Budget Committees, as well as Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue.

The letter urges them to protect crop insurance during the budget process in recognition of its central importance to farmers and the rural economy. See copy of letter.

Trying to balance the federal budget on the backs of farmers and ranchers would be a mistake, they wrote, with disastrous consequences for America’s heartland.

The overwhelming support crop insurance received during the 2018 Farm Bill debate is a testament to how popular the program has become covering a record 334 million acres.

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