Falls Park Overlook Cafe is close to getting new management.

KDLT TV is reporting that the city of Sioux Falls is currently in the process of negotiating a deal with Stensland Dairy to manage the popular cafe located in Falls Park.

Should the deal be approved, Stensland Family Farms would take over the management of the cafe through January of the year 2024.

According to KDLT, both the mayor and the Sioux Falls City Council would need to sign off on the deal before it would become official.

The name of the cafe would stay he same. However, KDLT says that Stensland would be allowed to market it as the Falls Overlook Cafe by Stensland.

And now the question every ice cream lover is dying to know. Will Stensland be selling their signature ice cream in the cafe? The answer is yes. KDLT reports, Falls Overlook Cafe by Stensland plans to sell their famous Stensland ice cream, along with all the other delicious food the Overlook Cafe is known for.

Source: KDLT TV

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