WASHINGTON (AP) — The nation’s job market last month delivered just what the Federal Reserve and nervous investors hoped for: A Goldilocks-style hiring report. Job growth was solid — not too hot, not too cold. And more Americans began looking for work, which could ease worker shortages over time and defuse some of the inflationary pressures that the Fed has made its No. 1 mission. Employers added 315,000 jobs, roughly what economists had expected, down from an average 487,000 a month over the past year. The unemployment rate reached 3.7%, its highest level since February. But it rose was for a healthy reason: Hundreds of thousands of people returned to the job market, and some didn’t find work right away.


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Spain's 'Tomatina' battle returns after pandemic hiatus

Horse Nations Indian Relay Race

Leading riders and teams from seven different Nations covering ID, MT, ND, SD, WA, OR, AZ, WY and Canada display their skills and daring as they battle it out on the race track. Five determined teams consisting of three horses, one rider, one mugger and two holders, enter the track, each taking their designated box to start the race.

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