The pesky mosquito isn't just a nuisance in Minnesota; it's easily the most annoying pest worldwide. Unfortunately just about every corner of our planet has a mosquito problem, save for Iceland and Antarctica.

As for the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes, the blood-sucking bug is thriving well, thanks to the abundance of water. But what parts of Minnesota are the worst for Mosquitoes? The answers may surprise you.

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How bad will Mosquitoes be in Minnesota this summer? That remains to be seen, as it largely depends on what kind of spring we have. But if the last year was any indicator, it will be another ruthless one in the North Star State.

If the mosquito problem is especially bad this year, experts say there are a few key places to avoid. Mainly these are standing bodies of water, so it's best to avoid ponds and lakes, which is kind of hard to do in Land of Ten Thousand Lakes.

Most experts say that you are at the highest risk of running into a big population of mosquitoes this summer if you live or are around 3 miles from a lake, pond, or marshland area.

Rivers tend to be inhabited by mosquitoes far less than lakes and ponds, due to the fact that the water is constantly in motion.

Experts also say that if a lake has a particularly bad infestation of mosquitoes, it may be having an issue with its water quality.

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