Frankie MacDonald is an amateur meteorologist from Nova Scotia Canada. He has been keeping us all safe for years with his weather announcements. But do you ever wonder what Frankie does when the weather is calm?

Frankie has a Youtube channel with over 200,000 subscribers. And even when the weather doesn't inspire him to put out one of his signature warnings he is still posting on his popular Youtube page.

You can see Frankie pronouncing fun words and phrases, dancing, and being chased by imagined animals. This week Frankie posted his video of A Guy Dancing and Being Chased By Rhinos.

The description reads: “The Guy is Dancing and Kept on Dancing then exercising and doing lots of Moves and Danced Nonstop suddenly the Rhinos Arrived then Rhinos Started to Chased the Guy and He had to Run from Rhinos and More Rhinos Arrived and they Chased him nonstop and He had to Run from Rhinos and Even More Rhinos Arrived chased him nonstop then Rhinos Finally Got Away.”

Thanks for keeping us informed and entertained Frankie!

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