When you think about tennis dominance in Sioux Falls, you think about O'Gorman High School. When you think about O'Gorman tennis, you think about all the championships they've won and the players that make that happen.

Over the past three years there's been one individual in particular that has consistently exemplified excellence in tennis, and that individual is O'Gorman tennis player Sam Czarnecki. Sam is a junior at O'Gorman High School and is an integral part of the girls tennis team.

Like a match made in heaven, Sam Czarnecki and O'Gorman tennis where destined to be together. Girls tennis at O'Gorman certainly has a decisive championship pedigree as year in and year out they stake their claim to greatness having won first place at state eight years in a row. Over the past three years Sam Czarnecki has made significant contributions to that tradition.

Sam's love and passion for the game of tennis has also stemmed from a rich tennis history within her family.

"Tennis has been in my family as long as I can remember. I've always had a passion for tennis and enjoy playing it," said Czarnecki.

That love and passion for tennis was on display the moment Sam stepped on to the tennis court at O'Gorman High School making it to state as a freshman and finishing second in singles. She has since made it to state twice over the last two years and returning to Sioux Falls as champion in singles.

What makes Sam Czarnecki more than just a skilled tennis player is her ability to improve her team as well as herself, putting the needs of the team first. Not only has she been successful as a solo act, Czarnecki has been a great team player winning first place in doubles twice in three years. Team unity is a big deal to Czarnecki and is one of her favorite aspects about playing for coach Barnes and O'Gorman tennis.

"I love the team aspect here at O'Gorman, it's enjoyable when the team does well. Coach Barnes makes it very enjoyable to play here," said Czarnecki.

While most athletes her age might talk about their speed or agility as the best aspect of their game Czarnecki shows there's much more to tennis than just the physical side.

"One of the best aspects of my game would be my forehand and my mental state, it helps me to focus in and enjoy the game better," said Czarnecki.

Czarnecki continues to show her skill and maturity into her junior year where she currently remains perfect in doubles while only suffering one loss through 18 matches. {edit that before publish}

Czarnecki and the rest of the girls tennis team will look to continue their dominant tennis play as they contend for another title.

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