Ever hear the phrase "I would walk a thousand miles"? While most of us would simply laugh at walking a thousand miles, this week's athlete of the week would be more inclined to run a thousand miles just because he can. Meet Gabe Peters, he is a Junior Track and Cross Country athlete for the Lincoln Patriots.

Gabe is a well rounded individual who has always had a passion to run. He's enjoyed running ever since he can remember.

"I've always enjoyed being active and I've always enjoyed running. I've always enjoyed being fast and helping my team succeed," stated Peters

You can see the passion and enthusiasm Peters brings each and every time he steps on the track. It's been on display ever since he stepped onto the track here at Lincoln High School. This season Peters has quite literally "hit the ground running" and so has the rest of the Patriot track and field team. Peters describes this year as a good year for the team and has really enjoyed the team progress.

"We've had a good amount of seniors graduate last year and a hand full of freshman have had to step up and fill some big roles. I've really enjoyed seeing those young underclassmen step up in big moments with top place finishes," said Peters.

Peters is definitely a very well rounded and humble athlete, always looking to improve upon himself and help his team. He enjoys the teachings and lessons that his coaches give him and states it's one of his favorite things about being a Patriot.

"My coaches help me become a better athlete. They help me continually put myself in a race mind set where everything I do from warm-ups to practice runs, should be done perfect just like an actual race," stated Peters. "My coaches also help me improve my mechanics so I can be a better runner," continued Peters.

The life of a runner often involves two different seasons, one being the track season and the other being the cross country season. Being involved with both can bring about unique challenges but challenges that Gabe Peters is ready to face. Peters state that while running is half of the battle, the other half of transitioning from track to cross country is in the mindset.

"Track season involves more of a fast paced mindset where your starts are crucial where as cross country is more endurance based with a slower pace," said Peters. "With cross country you have to pace yourself and pick your moments to strike," continued Peters.

Peters and the rest of the Lincoln Patriots are certainly striking up a good year so far with a good mix of upperclassmen and underclassmen. Both the boys and the girls track and cross country teams have learned well from their coaches and it has certainly showed.

"Our coaches push us to get better each and every practice. Track practices have the potential to be pretty uneventful but our coaches make it fun and make for easy transitions from track to cross country," stated Peters.

The future is sure bright for Gabe Peters and whatever the future holds you can surely bet that he'll be running towards it.


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