Eric Church is planning to make a bold move this Wednesday at the 2013 CMA Awards. The 'Springsteen' singer will play his rockin' new single, 'The Outsiders,' for the very first time during the awards show, and it definitely pushes the boundaries of country music.

Church isn't sure what to expect from the audience during his performance. “Could be crowd-surfing, could be mosh pits,” he tells the Washington Post. “They could be throwing cans at me.”

Of course, this isn't the edgy singer's first time adding rock to his country sounds. This genre mix is what helped him sell over one million copies of his last album, 'Chief.' It also made his name a household one among country fans.

Church's summer consisted of lots of time in the studio working with producer Jay Joyce and his band to brainstorm ideas for his new album of the same name -- a process that isn't typical for country records.

“We’ve had the ability after every record to feel more emboldened by what we did on the last record,” Church explains. “And I think with this one, with the success of ‘Chief,’ we were a little bulletproof.”

His invincible feeling helped him create the very hard rock sound of 'The Outsiders,' a sound you don't typically hear on country radio. “If you go past that, it’s a cliff,” the 'Drink in my Hand' singer shares. “Sometimes I feel like we’re leaning over it.”

Although mum's been the word for quite some time about his CMAs performance and this new album, some details have finally been released. The album is well-rounded and unique, to say the least, and there's even a recitation of a Shel Silverstein poem. Of course, Church can't finish a country record without a few love songs in the middle of all that rock.

“They’re bold,” he says of his take on the song selections. “I’m interested to see what people think about them. I always say the songs are mine till the moment we release them, then they’re the fans’ (songs). I’m very anxious. I have a lot of anxiety to see what people think about what we’ve done.”

Eric Church's 2014 album 'The Outsiders' will hit shelves on Feb. 11.

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