Mere words are not sufficient to describe the emotional and spiritual experience of a Bob Seger Concert. He performed at the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota on Saint Patrick's Day.

Bob came on strong and stayed that way throughout the entire evening. His voice never wavered or cracked. Slow songs were sung with a full voice and the same passion as his iconic rock and roll standards.

There were some short stories, plenty of smiles and laughs. Bob Seger appeared to enjoy his performing as much as we enjoyed being in the room.

The Silver Bullet Band provided excellent musicianship. Loved the sax and lead guitar players. The drummer, former Grand Funk member, was solid.  The bass player, with Seger since the beginning, and the horns, keyboardist, and back up singers rounded out the excellent sound.

The Premier Center appeared full. I am guessing about 12,000. The people around me, could have been back up or lead singers, as most of us had no problem singing along to nearly every tune. Ahhh, the memories! Seger performed his standards and mixed in new tunes, soon to be released.

A couple of encores finished the evening after about 2 hours of non-stop excitement.

The opening act was a country (and I use that term loosely) singer named Clare Dunn. Her vocals were strong, and she had a confident stage presence. Most of her material was original. She is an up and comer. Imagine she will have her own tour soon.

I left feeling energized and satisfied at the same time. It was worth the money. Hope to make it to the Eagles event in June.

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